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About us contact us our blogs follow us: intermediaries specialists home uk personal uk business international health info our blogs health info fact sheets home health info fact sheets kidney stones kidney stones what are kidney stones? cheap viagra online What are the symptoms? viagra online forsale How can they be prevented?   what are kidney stones? buy viagra viagra cheap Kidney stones (also known as renal calculi) are stones of varying sizes which form inside the kidneys. The kidneys are situated at the back of the abdomen and their function is to remove waste products from the blood and from the body in the form of urine which passes down a tube called a ureter into the bladder. can you take viagra everyday If the concentration of a particular mineral in the urine is too high, crystals form which sometimes become kidney stones. Most kidney stones are only the size of a grain of sand but some may be large enough to fill the collection sack leading out of the kidney. These large ones are sometimes called 'staghorn calculi' in view of their odd shape. Why do they occur? buy viagra Kidney stones tend to form when the level of a particular substance in the urine is too high. This can either happen because the body produces too much of the substance due to a medical condition, or because the person's diet is too high in that particular mineral therefore producing a higher concentration in the urine. Alternatively if the urine is very concentrated a stone is more likely to be produced. This is why kidney stones are more likely to occur in hot weather or in people who do not drink much fluid. There are certain conditions which result in the kidney producing cysts filled with urine, such as polycystic disease of the kidneys. The urine inside the cysts tends to lie stagnant and therefore is liable to allow stones to form within it. Kidney stones are rare in children. buy viagra viagra cheap What are the stones made of? viagra 100 mg canada The type of minerals which create kidney stones vary. Many are made from calcium in people who have a very high calcium diet or who have a medical condition which causes them to have high levels of calcium in their blood, such as hyperparathyroidism. A substance called oxalate can be found in some stones often in people who have a diet high in rhubarb, spinach and certain nuts. viagra or viagra more expensive Uric acid stones can occur as a result of gout (where there is too much uric acid in the blood) and a rare component of kidney stones is a substance called cystine which in some people can be leaked in high quantities into the urine.   what are the symptoms? viagra no prescription Quite often it is possible to have a kidney stone without it causing any symptoms at all especially if it is lying stationary within the kidney. buy generic viagra online They may be related to recurrent kidney infections. viagra online without prescription However, if a stone passes down the ureter toward the bladder it generally causes a severe, colicky pain in the back which may also be felt down to the penis or testicle. Cover 2017

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